Okay, I lied about the handmade holiday thing

The kids and I spent the morning making some improvisational patchwork and log cabin potholders a la Erin.* I sorted scraps into different piles, and they took turns picking pieces for me to sew together. They had fun "sewing", I had fun sewing, and now we have a few more Christmas gifts.

*Yesterday the children played so well together all day long.  We were homebound - my car is at the shop, and won't be out until tomorrow. Last year the dog needed a $500 surgery the week before Christmas; this year my car needs the $500 surgery the week of Christmas, but I'll take a car repair over a beloved pet's health crisis any day. Last night at the dinner table, I realized they didn't ask to watch Blue's Clues or Caillou on the computer once.  Instead the kids spent the whole day coming up with new playacting games - first it was baby turtles, then baby chickens, then baby worms in a worm house made of sofa cushions and blankets, then lastly it was Mary and Joseph with playsilks for headgear, our poor dog as the cow who needed to be constantly milked, and a plastic John Deere riding tractor as the donkey. The magic of yesterday was not as strong today, and after some bickering I realized we needed something fun, creative, and different to do. Thus the idea of the collaborative potholders and helping Mommy sew.