Fall Kids Clothes Week Challenge

Since my week is beginning at home with yet another sick kid, I'm in for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, where you work on making kids clothes for an hour a day for 7 days. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to work on this week, but today I started the Ice Cream Dress I meant to make over the Summer (though I chose a larger size than originally planned to make sure Agnes will be able to wear it next Summer). Maybe I'll also work on her raincoat (not that we've needed raincoats lately), as I now have the perfect lining fabric for my cotton laminate. I have no idea for Ely, as he doesn't need much right now and there are so many things he can't wear to school. He might get a few new freezer paper stenciled shirts for weekend wear, but I got to locate his Fall clothes first (it's still in the 90s here). I've had so much fun sewing clothes lately, that spending an hour each day working should make for a good week. Of course, if the next season of Breaking Bad arrives, my intentions might go up in smoke.