The girl who loves purple

is 2 today.  Wow.  I guess she really isn't a baby anymore.

Luckily she likes pink too, and I was able to upcycle a Christmas t-shirt to make her an Alabama Chanin inspired beaded birthday shirt, strategically placing a reverse applique heart where the candy canes used to be.

Agnes, in the past year you've grown and changed so much, except for your hair.  At this rate, your first haircut might not be until you are 5 or 6 years old which is okay.  I figure I have many years ahead of me to pay for haircuts.

You are silly and mischievous. You love to do whatever you are not supposed to be doing, and you always have to test us.  You notice everyone and everything, and love to imitate other people with a big smile on your face. When Captain Adventure (otherwise known as Agnes's grandfather) hurt his leg in December and had to walk with a full leg brace for a month, you started walking around the house with your legs straight as the Tin Man's.  You knew exactly what you were doing.

While riding in the car, you make up funny songs.  My favorite one from this week was "Mommy french fries, yummy french fries. Mommy french fries, yummy french fries."  None of us know where you come up with all the words and sentences that come out of your mouth.  Speaking of sentences, your first one was "I do it"  which in translation either means I did it, I want to do it, or I did it.  The other word I hear all the time is "my."  If something belongs to you, we all have to hear about it.  Of course, even if it doesn't belong to you, you insist that it does which makes your brother so angry.  I think you know exactly what you are doing.  I'm happy that today can be "my day" and no one feels they have to correct you.

Your favorite foods right now are soup and potatoes.  Daddy makes you special eyeballs - tiny roasted yukon potatoes with the tops cut off and a pea stuck inside - that you gobble up.  Too bad all foods can't be made into eyeballs.

And purple.  I kind of regret the day I bought those purple tennis shoes for you, because you are now obsessed with purple.  Ely never had a favorite color, so this is all new to me. You want to wear all your purple clothes first, and are always pointing out everything that is purple from the red cabbage in the produce section to Daddy's socks to writing on a magazine.  When we go to the library, the books you choose to bring home always have purple spines.  I tried to make you a purple buttercream iced birthday cake, but I could only get it to look gray.  If you still love purple next year, I'll try again.

Life isn't very quiet or relaxing with you, but I remember how happy I was the morning of February 14 two years ago, when I realized my baby was going to be born that day.  I am even happier now.